The Story Thus Far…

Proudly South Africa! CN lighting locally manufacturers high-quality, low-maintenance, LED lighting solutions for the aviation industry. We’re incredibly proud of our products, and reputation to us is beyond price. Our brand is synonymous with innovation, assisting clients in the global transition from the incandescent lighting technologies to the very latest in LED technology. We design to innovate and innovate to advance, offering aerodrome and heliport operators products which are tailored to meet their specific requirements. If we haven’t got a solution to meet your needs, contact us! We love a challenge.

Identifying a market

CN Lighting recognised a huge gap in the airfield ground lighting (AGL) market, which was, and still is to a large degree, monopolised by several large and established suppliers. Regional and smaller airfields were left with little-to-no option but to either purchase expensive light units and associated kit from these suppliers, or install inferior lighting products to make-do.
And so begins our story.

Finding a Solution

We were the first LED airfield lighting manufacturer-supplier in South Africa. Established in 2009. Our aim is to help plug the airfield lighting gap (in a manner of speaking), offering the smaller guys an opportunity to install AGL at their airfields at a fraction of the cost, without compromising on quality or aircraft safety. We’ve seen and replaced some ‘novel’ installations, which have included energy-saver globes, paraffin lamps and other “boer maak ‘n plan” specials, all over the South Africa.

Market participation

We’re continually engaging with the South African Civil Aviation Authority, pilots, airport operators and consulting engineers to better our service offerings and products. Feedback from the market is key in our product evolution – if you don’t ask, you don’t get (so the saying goes). We’re working hard to get all our AGL units ICAO-certified to help us take over the world!….or at least capture some business from the wider African and overseas’ markets.

Pioneering design

Since the company’s establishment, our lighting solutions have done anything but stagnate. Having a good understanding of the industry is key; having a visionary who has experienced the good and the bad of airfield lighting through years as a pilot is strategically poetic. From the use of weather and UV resistant lighting dome resins, or coloured LEDs to dispense of the need to tint domes completely; to the continual evolution of LED technology, CAT I runway lights and our current crowning glory – an ultra-high luminescence aerodrome beacon. We’ve got other exciting visions in the pipeline, which are sure to shake the industry up just a little bit more. We manufacture to order and our lead times make Superman look slow. All our products come with workmanship defect guarantees.

Aerodrome lighting

Aerodrome ground lighting is our bread and butter and we’ve supplied many small airfields across South Africa with affordable airfield lights, control units and – Rustenberg, Kapama and Karoo Gateway to name but a few. Unlike traditional incandescent lights, LEDs last longer, are more reliable and use less electricity. Our LED AGL units do not require expensive constant current regulators (CCRs) and can be run using a portable generator (people still find this hard to accept). We have a variety of elevated and inset AGL units, which include a complete range (up to CAT I) of runway edge, end, threshold and guard lights; taxiway edge lights, approach lighting, obstruction lights, aerodrome beacon and illuminated wind direction indicators.
We also offer portable lighting solutions.

Helipad lighting

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a huge growth in the number of requests for helipad lights. CN lighting has tailored their AGL product range to suit the requirements for helipads/helistops and offer FATO, TLOF and approach lighting, as well as low-level area floodlights for the TLOF. We’ve even gone so far as to develop crash kits for helistop facilities – another innovation to cater for market requirements.

Aircraft Lighting

In conjunction with our airfield and heliport lighting products, we also manufacture a range of first-class aircraft lights that knock the socks off many of our competitors, in terms of performance reliability and overall quality. UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) lights?
We’ve got those too!

CN Lighting Series Guarantees

the best service to clients in terms of product delivery, service delivery, guarantee on products as well as general support.


Our wide range of products include the following lighting systems:

  • LED Strobe lights for aircraft
  • LED Landing lights for aircraft
  • LED RC/Drone Strobe lights
  • LED Airport and Runway lights
  • LED Heliport Lighting
  • PTT Control Systems
  • ATC computer base control system
  • LED Illuminated Windsocks

High quality, ultra high luminance LED lighting systems for the aviation industry.

Quality Assurance

All our lighting systems are manufactured of high quality components and are tested and certified by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS). Therefore all our lighting products are approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of South Africa (CAA) to comply with ICAO Annex 14 standard. We maintain commonly the best possible aviation standards to manufacture products that comply with the highest possible criterion, a critical requirement for any aviation product.

The light intensity of our products are excellent, particularly the runway and PAPI lights that complies to ICAO Annex 14 standard as proofed by SABS test results. Our LED lights also have a minimum of 50,000 – 80,000 hours of life that proofs the quality of all our products. Although our products are available at affordable prices comparing to other similar expensive products, we never compromise quality or standard.

As a sustainable and best practise company, CN Lighting Series also guarantees the best service to clients in terms of product delivery, service delivery, guarantee on products as well as general support.

Research and Development

Research and development forms the basis of CN Lighting’s product development strategy. This is an ongoing process enabling us in manufacturing the best quality LED aviation lighting products that compete with the best in the world.

We are continuously testing and integrating newly developed LED lighting technology into our lighting products. All other integrated components such as weather and UV resistant resins, electronic systems and even concrete base units for runway lights are also tested under extreme conditions, making sure that our products will last faultiness for many years.

The certification of all CN Lighting’s aviation lighting products by the SABS to comply with –ICAO Annex 14, proofs the quality of our research, development and outstanding quality of manufactured products.