About Us

CN Lighting Series is a well established, sustainable South African technology company that manufactures locally high quality, ultra high luminance LED lighting systems for the aviation industry.

Today runway airport lighting systems are equipped with basically the same incandescent light bulb technology that was invented by Thomas Edison more than hundred and thirty years ago.

As a solution to the problem airports have begun to install light emitting diodes (LED’s) as runway edge lights and taxiway lights, in hope to increase safety and reduce costs of runway operation. LED’s are the most energy efficient of all lighting systems. Furthermore, LED lights last for up to 80 000 hours.

• LED Strobe lights for aircraft
• LED Landing lights for aircraft
• LED RC/Drone Strobe lights
• LED Airport and Runway lights
• LED Heliport lights
• PTT Control Systems
• ATC Computer base control system
• LED Illuminated Windsocks

CN Lighting’s LED lighting systems are manufactured of high quality components and are tested and certified by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS).

We maintain commonly the best possible aviation standards to manufacture products that comply with the highest possible criterion, a critical requirement for any aviation product.